Our franchisees are all independent, committed, positive-minded people who want to make a success of their own business.  They are customer-focused and enjoy helping people, often going the extra mile to make their customers happy.  Yet they come from all walks of life and from a range of professional backgrounds.  Some have worked in retailing; others in corporate life and want a change of direction.  We have some young entrepreneurs who worked for an MBE store before deciding to set up their own business, while other franchisees have particular expertise in one of our core services, like shipping or print, or an in-depth knowledge of one of our market sectors, and want to develop their business around that.  Some have built up their own networks of stores, while others prefer to operate just one outlet.

Mail Boxes Etc. has the best franchisees!! 





"MBE has a wide range of services, this was part of what motivated me to become an MBE Franchisee"

                                                                - Mildred Perez, Franchise DO014, Dominican Republic