What is franchising, a franchise, a franchisee?

Franchising is a powerful distribution system that offers small companies the chance to develop and prosper in the face of fierce competition, teaming up the economies of scale of big organizations with the initiative, dedication and commitment of individual business owners.

Anyone deciding to open a business via the franchising system buys a (franchise) license and becomes a franchisee.

Mail Boxes Etc. also extends our more qualified franchisees the chance to buy the rights to a number of licenses and therefore open two or more stores.

Franchising enables enterprising individuals the chance to open up their own business, without many of the risks usually associated with a company’s start-up phase.

In addition to a ‘tried and true’ concept, professional training and on-going support, Mail Boxes Etc. offers franchise owners the chance to be independent business owners, while benefiting from the image and professionalism of one of the world’s leading franchising networks of business services.

How can I start an MBE business if there is not already an MBE store in my country?

MBE is committed to building a truly global franchising network. If there is no MBE store currently in your country, we could be planning to open one there soon. 

To learn more about franchise opportunities please complete and submit the Request For Information form or click here to see what opportunities are available in your country.

Will the MBE business concept work in my country?

At the present time, there are more 1,500 MBE stores operating in over 30 countries, with development agreements underway in many other countries.

The MBE concept has proven to be adaptable and flexible, working effectively in a wide variety of cultural and economic settings: developing countries, advanced economies and even countries in a state of transition or crisis.

MBE adjusts well internationally because it provides an extensive range of basic services needed by all businesses, as well as convenience-oriented consumers.

Why should I work with MBE instead of a competitor or opening my own non-franchised business?

MBE created this segment of business service retailing and franchising about 30 years ago.

With the experience of over 1,500 MBE stores, MBE knows how to get a business open and operating effectively.

As a result of our training and support, you can spend less time making costly mistakes and more time building your business. MBE’s size and presence gives it negotiating leverage, purchasing power and collectively shared ideas and experiences which ensure you a competitive edge.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of being an MBE franchisee click here.

What is the relationship between The UPS Store and Mail Boxes Etc.?

After UPS purchased Mail Boxes Etc. Inc., a portion of the network consisting of more than 6,000 stores switched to “The UPS Store” (TUPSS) model, while others decided to remain under the Mail Boxes Etc. brand.

In May 2009, MBE Worldwide s.p.a. acquired the Mail Boxes Etc. international network, making it the franchisor for all locations outside the United States, Canada and India.

Those countries account for nearly 4,800 MBE and The UPS Store locations, all of which are still operated by UPS / Mail Boxes Inc. in San Diego. All other MBE countries fall under the jurisdiction of MBE Worldwide s.p.a., so there are now two networks joining forces.

How does MBE cooperate with national postal organizations?

The MBE concept operates in a complementary manner to the services of national postal organizations. In most countries, postal services are provided as a public or private monopoly. MBE’s services comply with the monopoly regulations of most countries.

More importantly, many postal administrations have recognized MBE’s benefits in the area of postage stamp distribution, post parcel service and mailbox services – all without any additional cost to the government or taxpayers.

MBE enjoys close strategic alliances with some of the world’s most progressive and successful national post offices.

What is the range of investment capital needed to open a franchise?

Opening an MBE store franchise can require a start-up investment ranging from USD 100,000 to USD 180,000, and sometimes more. The investment amount varies depending on business costs in a particular country and the size and location of the MBE store. Most franchisees obtain start-up financing in countries where interest rates and lending practices are permissible. MBE also recommends that franchisees have access to sufficient working capital before starting the business.

To begin the process of learning more about the actual investment required for your area of interest, please complete the Request For Information form. MBE Caribbean will be happy to help you figure out the investment amount at a later stage in the process.

Is financing available to help start-up my MBE business?

Many countries, banks and other financial institutions have recognized the benefits associated with franchising. MBE Caribbean does not offer direct financing. 

What type of training and support can I expect to receive from MBE?

MBE has gained years of valuable experience on each level of business. All our training programs are designed to provide comprehensive understanding of the MBE business and the benefits of this experience.

MBE provides more than an initial training program, it entails an on-going training and development process to help each and every franchisee achieve the best results possible.

Pooling our knowledge and improving the skills of everyone in the network helps speed up the acquisition of know-how and revenue.

I want to open up an MBE store. Can  MBE help me select a location?

Depending on the specific features of your country, MBE, will help you find the most suitable site. We could also assist you in negotiating a leasing contract with the landlord and give you valuable advice from previous property negotiations.

If I want to get to know MBE better, what is my next step?

To contact us and receive additional information, please complete the Request For Information form. 

If you want to find out what you need to do to become a part of the MBE franchise network, please consult the details listed here.